Sunday, November 4, 2007


I am a very old pussy,
My name is Tabitha Jane;
I have had about fifty kittens,
So I think that I mustn't complain.

Yet I've had my full share of cat's troubles:
I was run over once by a cart;
And they drowned seventeen of my babies,
Which came near breaking my heart.

A gentleman once singed my whiskers,-
I shall never forgive him for that!
And once I was bit by a mad dog,
And once was deceived by a rat.

I was tied by some boys in a meal-bag,
And pelted and pounded with stones;
They thought I was mashed to a jelly,
But it didn't break one of my bones.

For cats that have good constitutions
Have eight more lives than a man;
Which proves we are better than humans
To my mind, if anything can.

One night, as I wandered with Thomas,--
We were singing a lovely duet,--
I was shot in the back by a bullet;
When you stroke me, I feel it there yet.

A terrier once threatened my kittens;
O, it gave me a terrible fright!
But I scratched him, and sent him off howling
And I think that I served him just right.

But I've failed to fulfill all my duties:
I have purred half my life in a dream;
And I never devoured the canary,
And I never lapped half enough cream.

But I've been a pretty good mouser,
(What squirrels and birds I have caught)
And have brought up my frolicsome kittens
As a dutiful mother-cat ought.

Now I think I've a right, being aged,
To take an old tabby's repose;
To have a good breakfast and dinner,
And sit by the fire and doze.

I don't care much for the people
Who are living with me in this house,
But I own that I love a good fire,
And an occasional herring and mouse.